This year, you should make plans to visit Lucernia for your annual holiday. Make sure your plans include a visit to the Motorcycle Rally week. This is a weeklong event that takes place each year and is the oldest bike riding event. The rally dates back to 1916 when a large group of gypsy riders completed a trek up from US route 3.

This route was mainly a dirt road that traveled through the magnificent mountains, straightaways, and valleys of New Hampshire. Back then, a trip to Laconia meant a day-long excursion for tourists, but it was a big commitment if one did it on two wheels.

The ultimate goal behind the rally tradition, still alive today, is the vibrant scenery, the freedom of accessibility, and the fresh air. The rally is a must-attend if you want to experience the thrill of riding up and down gorgeous mountains and miles of stunning oceanfront and lakes.

What Happens at the Rally

Once you’re here, you can enjoy the sounds and sights of the national motorcycle event. It features all the thrilling experiences that you would find at AMA-sanctioned events, such as super and vintage motor races, hill climbs, stunt shows, and whatnot.

You can also enjoy the demo rides at the motorcycle week, where some of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers of the world put up their best shows. If you’ve always wanted to see Yamaha, Indian, and Harley-Davidson at their best, the rally is your best chance to do so.

If you’ve always fancied the racing action, then you can catch it live at the Motorcycle Nirvana camp here. At this camp, you get to be right in the middle of the racing action and enjoy a first-hand experience of flat track, vintage races, and the Annual Loudon Classic.

The live music is an added attraction, as are all the other vendors sporting the greatest and latest features from the global motorcycle industry.

If you’re here for the rally, here are the top places to stay during your trip:

1.    Riverbank Motel and Cabins

You will find this place at a two-minute distance from Clark’s Trading Post. Situated on a river, the motel is the most comfortable place with all the amenities you could need. From air-conditioned rooms and flat-screen TVs to wireless internet connections and much more, your stay here will offer the finest experience.

2.    Henniker Motel

You can find this motel at a minute’s drive away from Pats Peak. Or if you’re heading here from Horace Lake, it’s situated about twelve minutes drive away. The motel consists of 12 air-conditioned and super comfortable rooms, complete with refrigerators, microwaves, parking facilities, satellite programming, and free wireless internet.

With housekeeping and other amenities, you will love your stay here.

3.    Mount Whittier Motel

You will find this motel in Center Ossipee. It has nineteen guestrooms and amenities that will make you feel right at home. You can enjoy free wireless internet, bathrooms with a tub and shower combo, and various other amenities.

Final Thoughts

Laconia’s motorcycle rally goes long back in history, a tradition that began with the simple goal of exploring the lush natural landscapes. From gorgeous mountains to the magnificent oceanfront and lakes, you can ride two-wheel and experience the thrills you have always longed for.

From some world-class bike action to seeing the giant motorcycle manufacturers at their best, this rally is a bike-lover’s week in paradise.