Apr 25, 2021

Celebrating 98 years of riding legacy in 2021

This year, you should make plans to visit Lucernia for your annual holiday. Make sure your plans include a visit to the Motorcycle Rally week. This is a weeklong event that takes place each year and is the oldest bike riding event. The rally dates back to 1916 when a large group of gypsy riders […]

Jan 18, 2021

Santa Monica – Route 66 End of the Trail

While it may not be the oldest highway in America, Route 66 is certainly the most iconic. Connecting Chicago and Los Angeles via 2,448 miles of asphalt, Route 66 summons images of mid-century travel when a road trip wasn’t just trendy, it was a way of life. A drive down Route 66 included classic cars, […]

Sep 22, 2020

Staycation – Stonewall Motor Lodge

Ready for a lone star staycation? Look no further than the perfectly retro Stonewall Motor Lodge, a perfectly restored classic 1960s motel nestled nestled along the 290 Wine Trail. Originally built in 1964, the Stonewall has plenty of rustic Texas charm. Its 12 remodeled midcentury modern rooms boast a stylish teal and earth-tone color scheme […]

Sep 22, 2020

How Palm Springs came to be a midcentury paradise in the desert

If you’re going to pick just one city for your mid-century modern vacation, that city is Palm Springs. Don’t take my word for it— the National Register of Historic Places recognized Palm Springs as having the largest collection of mid-century modern architecture in the United States. Today, Palm Springs welcomes in throngs of tourists every […]

Sep 22, 2020

6 Swanky Hotels

High-end hotels are a dime a dozen these days, so what makes a hotel really stand out? Most hotels focus on their amenities, location, or even their deals to get potential guests’ attention. A hotel that’s worth top dollar is hard to come by, but it does exist.  These six swanky hotels top the list […]