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Submitted by Paige Taylor – Orlando, Florida is full of vibrant nightlife, many of which include great restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Whether you came to Orlando on business or for a vacation, there is one place you can be sure will satiate your hunger in a throwback format and that’s Waitiki Retro Lounge.

Located in the Wall Street Plaza, WaiTiki is part of the downtown urban dining palette. The location is smack dab in the middle of the downtown setting where Orlando apartments and businesses fill the skyline. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will find everything from fried shrimp to old fashioned hamburgers, as well as drinks. Outdoor seating, heating and a throwback atmosphere make your entire dining experience memorable.

Walk into WaiTiki and you will immediately feel as if you have stepped into a tropical time machine. The interior is dark but groovy, adorned with funky music and the aroma of cooking food. The dark, subtle ambience lends a hand to the laidback vibe that WaiTiki is so famous for promoting. However, if you would like to eat in a brighter spot, the restaurant offers two different patios. One view faces the Wall Street area, and the other faces the park at the History Center. Both settings are lovely – as one showcases the rest of the Wall Street Strip and the other accentuates the natural beauty of the History Center’s foliage laden park.

With a quick Internet search and all that will come up for WaiTiki is positive reviews. One of their more popular beverages is the Singapore Sling tropical drink. It is a delicious blend of cherry and light vanilla. You can indulge in over a dozen different types of Tiki Drinks. Another favorite is Phuket Bucket. This beverage is delivered in a sand bucket filled with satisfying rum punch.

Another great thing about WaiTiki is the fact that it brings a retro and throwback feel to a downtown setting. Its theme and look are a departure from your normal big city bars and restaurants. The décor takes you back to an old Hawaii setting, recalling movie moments from films like South Pacific and TV projects such as the original Hawaii-Five O

Up until recently WaiTiki was considered an expensive nightlife eatery on Wall Street. Not so anymore! WaiTiki underwent a major redesigning process and lowered their prices. It is now a major hit with both young and old alike. One of the most common praises for WaiTiki is that it captures the ambience of the islands perfectly. satellite maps . This sublime mix of old-school island feel along with great food makes WaiTiki a prime retro destination in Orlando.

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