Retro Savannah GA: Enjoy History Of A More Recent Vintage!

Labradoodle goes to Hon Gallery. Notice "The Beagles" art? A nod the Swinging Sixties on our retro, dog-friendly Savannah visit to Hon Gallery in City Market. Photo (c) Thunderbird Inn / Tim Nealon.

Savannah is a city known for her history – but who says history has to be ancient to be history? In 2010, the Thunderbird Inn – “The hippest hotel in Savannah” ™  – made the National Register of Historic Places, representing the classic roadside motel of the 1960s. Gas was cheap, cars were big and Americans were mobile. The nuclear family of those Cold War years parked its station wagon outside classic motels like the Thunderbird and enjoyed the traditional American vacation. The Thunderbird was built in 1964, which lands it in the middle of one of the most creative, memorable and, yes, historic decades of the past century. The Civil Rights Movement, the space race, the Beatles, the mini-skirt, the Pill … oh, it was quite a decade! Nostalgic for a taste of Swinging Sixties? Then, go-go retro on your next trip to Savannah. The Thunderbird’s 42 rooms have been taken back to their beginnings, with an updated refurbishing that puts a retro spin on modern conveniences. The color scheme and the furnishings all look as if your favorite Sixties TV spy might come sauntering in any minute, but the Thunderbird didn’t take the time machine all the way back. The TV sets are color, not vintage black-and-white, and we have free Wi-Fi, not hi fi, to entertain our guests. Our rates are retro, too! Get a hip, clean, fresh, pet-friendly room at a price that’s far less “modern” than other Savannah lodgings. Come enjoy history of a more recent vintage! For more information, contact Thunderbird inn General Manager, Mark Thomas, telephone 912/232-2661, email; 611 West Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, Georgia USA 31041.

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